Steve Thomas Music

 Steve Thomas, a versatile Composer and Sound Designer. Specialising in providing bespoke music and sound design for film, animation, games, and theatre.


Steve Thomas Composer Showreel from Steve Thomas on Vimeo.


So it Goes…………………… by Stevie T

Steve Thomas Music

Composition, Sound Design and sound editing

The Debt from James Cookson on Vimeo.


Polaris. Star Trail from blind summit on Vimeo.



Carousel – A Fairground Attraction

Directed by Alex Kingham

Original Music by Steve Thomas

“Stephen composed and produced the music for our short film  “I am Sad you are Dead, Mrs T. We did the whole thing via e-mail and file exchange, so I’ve never met with or spoken to him, although I plan to when I ask him to score the next project that is bubbling away. We went through several versions of his score and each time we gave him notes it was obvious that he “got it” about what the role of the music was in the piece and how we could make it better, even though some of the notes were real “shades of grey” territory.

When you work with talented people they make it seem easy.  It isn’t.  It’s because they’re good.  And Stephen is one of the good people.”

Sam Seal – Director of “I am Sad you are Dead Mrs T”

   “Steve has been a real pleasure to work with. He’s as grounded and hard working as he is imaginative and talented. Even though we were working to a tight deadline, Steve always went the extra mile, taking the time to record real instruments whenever possible. His wonderful score helped us to tell a better story.” 

Matthew Lawrence – Director of “Snuff with Style”

              “Steve is a monumental asset in the storytelling process. He is perceptive, collaborative, and makes the effort to find the proper sounds, instruments, and hues to unfold a narrative. Working with him was effortless, honest, and extraordinary.  He helped decode characters and motifs I otherwise would not have notice. Whether an experimental film, or a commercial project, I cannot wait to work with him again!”

Navid Sinaki – Director of “Duchamp’s Bride” and “Brute”

              “Stephen did an amazing job composing for our short film. It was an intense last minute rush to get the film done in time for a festival deadline and Stephen worked solidly for two days and managed to give us a fantastic soundtrack which was just what we were looking for. It brought the whole film together and added some real emotion to the scenes. It’s great work for such short notice and I’d love to see what he could do with more time. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and competent composer who can work quickly and effectively to deliver exactly what you’re after.”

Charles Nevett – Director of “Free Radicals”

Recent Credits

Title Role Genre Year Company Director Info
Spork Composer Short Animation 2013 Arts university Bournemouth Beata lukasiewicz & Raquel Fernan Orchestral score
When the Tree Grows Composer & sound design Short stop frame animation 2013 Arts university Bournemouth Birutė Sodeikaitė Score featuring piano and cello + sound design and mix.
I love Wales Music & and sound designer Short stop frame animation 2013 Hogskulen I Volda university Norway Jon petter vorren & margrethe Danielson Sound design, Mix, composing and music licencing
Serial Composer, Sound designer Short film 2013 Student film Patrick spencer Sound design with audio restoration and original composition
Karma Composer Short film 2013 Spiralhouse pictures Matthew j Morgan Short jazz composition for titles and credits
Polaris Star Trail Music by Short time-lapse film 2012 Blind Summit Films Steven Thornton Time lapse film using track ‘Awake on Distant Shores’
Brute Composer Short film based on Iranian story 2012 UCLA graduate film Navid Sinaki Score mixing organic and synth textures
Mirror Composer Short psychological thriller 2012 Solaris Media L Sabia-Byrne Score featuring piano cello and Bass
Sanju’s World Composer Short 2 part Comic strip video for children 2012 Lily Bass Synth score for comic book film for children
Free Radicals Composer Short Film 2012 UWE student film Charles Nevett Score featuring sax cello, and double bass
Empty shops report Composer for soundtrack Soundtrack 2012 Pop up people Dan Thompson
Carousel A Fairground attraction Composer/Arranger Short film Staffordshire university Alex Kingham Short arrangement of a Christmas carol and original score

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